Drafting players

Drafting Players

Transfers play a huge role in Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football, which is aside from drafting players first of all. I’ve not got too much to say on transfers except use them sparingly and don’t panic. I could tell you that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, that you win nothing in January but it’s also important to make sure you spot the form players early and get them in your side. If you wait too long, you could end up wasting a transfer on a player who just played the best 6 games of his career and is now disappearing into the background from whence he came.


Selecting your captain for Fantasy Premier League is even more important than transfers. With your captain scoring double points, it can be the difference between a modest score and a massive score for the week. It’s important to do your research every Friday – check the fixtures, check the injuries, check form but most importantly go with your gut feeling. It’s a gamble and you never know, drafting players like John Obi Mikel may just score that elusive first hat-trick. So I think that’s enough for now. Ade Akenbiyi is scratching at my back door whimpering to get in so I’d better go and feed him before he wakes up Ruel Fox. Make sure you join our league, I’m getting bored of beating the same people year after year.

drafting players

Taking stock

With over a third of the Premier League season gone, I think it’s time for a quick strategy review. This season is turning out to be one of the most open Premier League seasons ever. The untouchable top four of the recent past are being blown apart by the likes of Spurs and Man City, not to mention unlikely victories at Anfield and Stamford Bridge for Blackpool and Sunderland. Only Manchester United remains unbeaten which, although impressive, has been achieved with far too many draws while both Chelsea and Arsenal have lost four times already.

Shift strategy

With so many surprising results comes a need for a shift in strategy when drafting players. Players who have been a ‘must-have’ for many years are now proving too expensive Fantasy Football flops while the seemingly expensive flops of the Premier League appear to finally be delivering on their price tag. Does anyone still have Rooney, Lampard or Gerrard in their teams? Admittedly the first two have been out injured but were hardly in the best form after returning from a poor World Cup, while Gerrard’s performance in Fantasy League seems to have suffered from carrying an average side for so many years. On the other side of the coin, you have Bolton’s Johan Elmander who is arguably the most in-form player in the league and Man Utd’s Nani who is finally starting to look like more than a poor man’s Ronaldo in a young Michael Jackson’s body.

Goal scoring

So other than making a couple of transfers, what’s really changed? Well, goals really. Teams who used to be a certainty for keeping clean sheets week in week out like Chelsea and Liverpool are now conceding goals. This clean sheet pedigree comes with a hefty price tag which at the moment is unjustifiable. It’s time to cut back on the defense and load up on attacking players. Keep this in mind when drafting players. This doesn’t mean strikers though as most teams are now playing one upfront so goal-scoring midfielders should be the focus of the team. The likes of Malouda, Van Der Vaart and Nani have all outscored Torres, Bent and Anelka. 3-5-2 is the new 4-3-3.

premier league strategy

New line-ups

Hopefully, the following two line ups should be of some use. In order to make the most efficient use of your transfers, it’s important to look at player form over the season so far rather than just going for the striker who happened to score a hat-trick at the weekend, but then does bugger all for the next 4 games (we’ve all done it!). So, with that in mind, here’s the best possible line up so far and the best value line up in the 3-5-2 formation.