Daily fantasy football

Daily fantasy football

It’s an interesting topic, daily fantasy football. Many people think fantasy football has emerged in the last 5-10 years or so. The opposite is true. Fantasy sports, and also fantasy football, started out back in the 1970s before we even had laptops. How did that work you wonder? Yes, I wonder that too. It’s obvious that the game couldn’t exist to the extent that it does now but exist it did. The leagues were small, the point system was simple (because no computers) and that was it.


When the internet became a thing, everything changed. Where before fantasy sports were limited to keeping their point systems as simple as possible, now there was a lot more opportunity for new categories. On top of that, the possibility emerged to provide real-time information and offer players a huge database to choose from. Nowadays, fantasy football seems quite complicated for the person who has never played it before. That’s because there simply is so much choice that it’s overwhelming what to pick.

daily fantasy football

The basics

Despite the many types of fantasy football and sports you can play, it always starts with the basics. It doesn’t matter if you play a season-long league or a daily fantasy football game, the principles are the same. You collect points for your team based on the player’s performance in real-life. How well you perform then depends on several factors, of which the most important one is: are you able to accurately predict which players you need to draft on your team?

Types of contests

Do you want to play fantasy football only in the context of friends? then you’ll be creating your own seasonal league. If fantasy football is more of an individual pass-time and enjoyment, then simply take part in one of the daily fantasy football contests. There are some free contests, but there you won’t be able to earn money. But there is also plenty of attractive contests which require only a small amount of money to take part in, like 1 or 2 dollars. It’s true that the higher the stakes the higher the entry fee is for that game, but some of the small entry games do have a nice top prize.


So the first choice to make is: season-long or daily? After that, another important question comes up. Which is, what kind of style do you want to play in? You can play against just one other person (computer-generated), this is called Head-to-head. Then there is Categorical, in which it’s not the total number of points your players win, but to win in all categories. Then there are also Points, which means that the winner is simply the person with the most points wins, regardless of which category they might fall in. As you can figure out, that fact requires quite a different approach when drafting your team and deciding on the line-up.

daily fantasy football


In fantasy football, the scoring system is pretty straightforward. That’s because it truly resembles how points are scored in real-life. You get points through scoring goals and good defense. Other ways that points are won or deducted are through fouls, misses, poor defense and so on. You can read the exact categories where you’ll be collecting points in on the site that you play. The naming and sometimes the content of collecting points can differ quite a bit. Make sure you’ve read it thoroughly before you start playing.